Akshar Mahotsav’24 (AM’24) celebrates the art of calligraphy and the beauty of Indian languages and scripts. This year, the event will take place in August in New Delhi. The theme of AM’24 is Lipikrit Bharat: “Unveiling the Calligraphic Script writing tradition in Bharat.”.

Calligraphy occupied a distinguished place among the various creative practises that have evolved on the Indian Subcontinent. The magnificent corpus of scripts produced across the region over thousands of years is shaped by its diverse geographies and embodies a rich history of culture. We have planned to put these together in AM. The theme of AM’24 is to Celebrate Indian Scripts and show how deeply ingrained scripts are in the socio-cultural dynamics of our country. We aim to bring Indian traditions, languages, and scripts together to represent them on a global level .

Calligraphy Workshops

Dive into the beautiful art of writing in these calligraphy workshops. Perfect for beginners, these sessions will guide them through the techniques and styles of this timeless craft. At the end you will leave with newfound skills and inspiration.

Live demonstrations

Witness the magic of artistic strokes in action with our live demonstrations. Watch skilled artists create masterpieces before your eyes, offering insights into their creative processes and techniques.

Calligraphy Exhibition

Experience the pinnacle of artistic expression at Sulekhan Kala Pradarshini. Featuring a curated collection of works from both renowned and emerging artists based on our AM’24 theme, this exhibition showcases a diverse array scripts,styles and mediums. Each piece will inspire and provoke thought while reflecting the rich heritage and artistic excellence of Indian scripts and calligraphy.

Navankur Activities

Our Navankur activities area is a heaven for young creatives. Featuring a variety of hands-on art and craft projects, this space encourages imagination and creativity. Supervised by friendly volunteers, children can explore their artistic potential in a fun and safe environment.


Explore a diverse array of stalls featuring calligraphy tools ranging from inks, holders to books, practice pads, kits and unique artworks. Discover one-of-a-kind pieces and support talented creators by purchasing directly from them.

Panel Discussion

Engage with masters and calligraphy experts in the panel discussions. Covering a range of topics, these discussions will offer valuable insights and foster meaningful conversations. Perfect for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the calligraphy world.

Raghunita Gupta
(Founder - The Calligraphy Foundation, India)
cordially invites you to
Akshar Mahotsav (IIIrd Edition)

"Lipikrut Bharat: Unveiling the Calligraphy Script Writing Tradition of Bharat"

Celebration of Indian scripts

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Calling Indian artists

Application open for AM’24 Sulekhan kala Pradarshini to exhibit your artforms!

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