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The Calligraphy Foundation (TCF) is a nonprofit organization, registered under the Act of 1882, it’s head office is in New Delhi. TCF is earnestly working towards promoting a cultural approach to calligraphy in India, It involves raising public knowledge of the art of calligraphy and creating a one-stop solution for artists to learn, grow, teach, meet, and find inspiration for their work.


  • Establish and nurture an academic community of proficient artists and calligraphers dedicated to advancing their skills and knowledge.
  • Champion the promotion and preservation of Indian scripts through rigorous academic exploration and dissemination.
  • Propel the educational aspects of calligraphy, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of its historical significance and contemporary relevance within an academic context.


To foster heightened awareness and academic engagement in the realm of calligraphy, transcending geographical boundaries. Our vision is rooted in cultivating an educational ecosystem where the art of calligraphy becomes globally recognized and esteemed.


  • Foster connections that transcend boundaries.
  • Facilitate the exchange of knowledge and inspiration.
  • Ignite passion and creativity within the calligraphy community.


  • Nurture a vibrant calligraphy community that spans the length and breadth of India.
  • Provide accessible mentorship and comprehensive resources for the study of diverse scripts.
  • Bridge generational gaps by fostering inspirational connections between emerging talents and seasoned masters.


Raghunita gupta



Executive Director

rajeev prakash

Art Director

ekta chahar

Program Manager (Workshop)

avni khurana

Program Manager (Membership)

enal jain

Newsletter Editor

arif khan

Communication Designer

Honorary Members

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